Cushion Sapphire Necklace

Handmade by our master jewelers, this Cushion Sapphire Necklace has an open lofty feel. The arched strands of diamonds frame our 2.54 carat sapphire and intersect with carved tendrils that reach inward to suspend this rich cobalt gemstone in open space. A simple chain slides through an intriguing jointed bail to provide motion. The bail and the tendrils are carved with gravers and set with diamonds to mirror of the shape of this design. Cushion Sapphire Necklace

Designing the Cushion Sapphire Necklace

Created by artisans in our shop from white gold, this elegant sapphire necklace holds the elite status of being handmade. While designing the sapphire necklace our jewelers used tools that where guided by hand. Using old world skills they forged 23 individual pieces from precious metal to create this pendant. Each segment carefully shaped with fine instruments and then soldered and welded into position under magnification. Once fabricated the model was etched with gravers, polished and finished in preparation for a diamond setter to meticulously seat the stones. With each stone in position our proud sapphire is showcased in a in a delicate diamond frame ready to be passed on from our generation to the next.

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