Gemstone Earrings

When you want to add a pop of color to your wardrobe lively gemstone earrings are a great way to accessorize. By using nature’s palate of colorful gems you can enhance any ensemble.

Colored stone earring styles range from simple gemstone studs, adding a hint of color, to bold outrageous styles that command attention from everyone in the room. Whatever the mood or occasion, there is a pair of colorful earrings that can provide you with the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

There are countless varieties of colored gems and exotic minerals from which to choose. The colored gems used in earrings today range from semi-precious stones to aquamarine, opal, topaz, tanzanite, garnet, tourmaline, amethyst and a plethora of other precious gems.

In addition to traditional gemstone earrings found in most jewelry stores, Jewelry Designs features an array of exotic gems not commonly seen in mass produced jewelry. Our artisans are not limited to the typical selection of traditional gems. In our shop we select rare and unusual gems with unique tones and colors. Since our gemstone earrings are created one pair at a time, we are not forced to use readily available shapes, colors, and sizes.