Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Most everyone following jewelry trends is familiar with the popularity of cushion cut engagement rings. Seen in fifth avenue stores and high fashion magazines, the cushion cut diamond has been dominant for over a decade.

It is apparent that the trend is more than just a fad; it is here to stay. You might even say it is a bit of a resurgence. Styled after vintage cuts that reached popularity in the 19th century, the cushion diamond has been modified from its old world predecessor to become the brilliant gemstone coveted by so many women today.

The soft angled corners of the cushion engagement ring provide the wearer with a brilliant alternative to traditional diamond cuts. Jewelry designers find the shape of this stone quit pleasant, as it is easy to style around. From classic solitaires, to contemporary halos, and traditional designs, this diamond lends itself to every woman’s desire.

Please enjoy viewing our cushion cut engagement ring collection. Each of these rings was created by our master jewelers, one ring at a time, in our Danbury, CT shop. You can also visit this gallery to see our jewelers at work and preview the entire collection in person.