Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Few jewelry items are more mesmerizing than that of emerald cut engagement rings.

While traditional diamond shapes twinkle and radiate brilliant light that begs for attention, the emerald cut diamond is different, as it lures your eye into a mystical prism glowing with rainbow-like color. There is an indescribable elegance to the subtle shimmer of emerald cut rings, and those who see it will settle for nothing less.

For over a century, emerald cut diamond rings have graced the hands of royalty, movie stars and prominent figures. They are breathtaking with a framework of glistening diamonds, or even as a simple solitaire setting. The elongated octagonal shape of this stone works perfectly with complimentary rows of diamonds, or with sequences of parallel baguettes.

At Jewelry Designs all of our emerald cut engagement rings are created on site by our master jewelers. Upon viewing our emerald engagement ring collection online, you will be inspired by the level of styling and workmanship available. If you are able to view our entire selection in person, we invite you to visit our gallery where they are made.