Engagement Ring Care

By Robert Underhill

Proper engagement ring care will prevent years of wear on your sentimental piece. After all your engagement ring is one of the few possessions intended to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. It is for this reason that the maintenance of your ring is Jewelry Designs’ top priority. Since jewelry making is our specialty you can be certain that there is no jeweler more qualified to you with proper engagement ring care than the artisans who create them.

The easiest way to care for engagement rings is to visit our jewelry shop in Danbury CT. It is there that the same master jewelers who created them will clean, inspect, and polish your engagement ring at no charge while while you browse our comfortable showroom and enjoy a cup of coffee. In our shop our qualified jewelers will examine each stone and the surrounding prongs to make sure that all diamonds are set securely in their settings. In most cases, if any of the gems are loose an expert diamond setter will tighten the stones while you wait. Once we are certain that the stones are secure, your ring will undergo several stages of buffing and polishing followed by steam and ultrasonic cleaning.

If you have a white gold ring you can have our staff apply new rhodium plating to bring it back to its original luster for a nominal fee. If additional work or finishes are needed we will inform you so that you can arrange to have our jewelers restore your ring to ensure continued safe wear.

Our state of the art jewelry service center is staffed with jewelers and diamond experts that will provide you with proper engagement ring care to ensure many years of wear and enjoyment. To find out more about engagement rings and diamond care read this segment on Jewelry Care and Maintenance, where the process of jewelry care is clearly explained.