Engagement Ring Quality

By Robert Underhill

When deciding on Engagement Ring Quality most buyers become consumed only by the quality of their center diamond. While this is extremely important, it is also important not to overlook the mounting and secondary side diamonds. The overall performance of your engagement ring is dramatically affected by the cast of gems that accent your center stone. At Jewelry Designs we have specialized in jewelry making since 1980. This unique capability allows us to create each and every engagement ring that we sell. By making our own rings we maintain complete control over the gemstones and precious metals used to make your ring. Controlling the production enables us to be assured of the engagement ring quality from start to finish.

Skilled gemologist and diamond graders meticulously select from premium diamonds to ensure quality of every gemstone used in the engagement rings we create. Choosing only diamonds that meet our strict diamond grading criteria, all stones are evaluated for diamond clarity, diamond cut and diamond color, to ensure that they meet our rigid requirements for engagement ring quality.

After the diamonds are selected, master jewelers craft your engagement ring in our state of the art jewelry studio. Our jewelers aspire to create jewelry that reflect the craftsmanship of world jewelers. Designed and created here in America from gold and platinum, our master jewelers ensure that the engagement ring quality standards that we have set are proudly met. After creating the ring, each gemstone is secured by skilled setters who artfully position the diamonds in the design for beauty and maximum durability.

Since all Jewelry Designs’ diamond rings are made by our own artisans in our unique shop, we have the luxury of being able to control every aspect of the quality that goes into each design. This attention to detail has made it possible for thousands of satisfied Jewelry Designs customers to wear their engagement rings with confidence.