Oval Engagement Rings

For those women who love oval engagement rings, there is no other stone that will suffice. Emerging as a popular stone during the 60’s, the oval diamond has remained a consistent favorite among many.

Although slightly less brilliant than its round cousin, well cut ovals can radiate outstanding brilliance and provide extra excitement than that of traditional shapes.

The soft elongated shape of the oval adds drama, and it serves as a great feature for jewelry designers to exercise creativity. The stones length allows for a ring to showcase elaborate design work and an abundance of accent stones. From the traditional diamond solitaire to halos articulated with bead set diamonds, the oval diamond engagement ring remains the dream of many brides to be.

All of our oval engagement rings are individually crafted by our master jewelers in our studio in Danbury, Connecticut. After viewing our oval rings online, we invite you to visit our gallery to see each pieces attention to quality and workmanship in person.