Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Second only to round diamonds in popularity, princess cut engagement rings provide a fresh alternative to traditional rings. In addition to its alternative look, princess cut diamonds are amongst the most brilliant of all the fancy cuts.

The square shape of the princess cut allows optimal yield from the rough diamond in which it was found, making it one of the most attractively priced stones available. For the woman seeking a square engagement ring, there simply is no better alternative.

The clean square edges of the princess compliment linear or angular designs nicely. The shape also allows it to fit well alongside most straight edged bands. The bold square design of the stone can be easily contrasted by neat lines of bead set diamonds, square halos, and pave strips, that are all so prominent in today’s fashion.

All of our diamond rings are created by our master jewelers. While browsing princess cut engagement rings online, we hope that you find the ring of your dreams amongst our collection. If you would like to see our quality and workmanship first hand, we invite you to visit our jewelry shop in Connecticut where our pieces are made.