Round Engagement Rings

The passion and demand for round diamond engagement rings is irrefutable. At no time since the engagement ring rose to popularity has any diamond shape ever rivaled the demand of round diamonds.

The symmetry, shape, and brilliance of this gem has mesmerized women for centuries. Perhaps it is because the center stone in a round engagement ring is the most brilliant available.

The shape of the traditional round brilliant cut diamond has an even, concentric distribution of facets that radiate light like no other.

Along with its obvious scintillation and twinkle, the soft round shape of the round diamond lends itself to unlimited design possibilities. It is no surprise that jewelry designers have spent more time creating round engagement ring settings than any other. From the old word artisans who hand crafted vintage round engagement rings, to the current trending rage of round halo’s, no stone has commanded more attention of jewelry designers or brides to be.