Three Stone Engagement Rings

The visual impact of glistening diamonds mirrored on either side of is center stone make three stone engagement rings a favorite amongst so many women. After all, why should you settle for one diamond when you can have three?

Women have been wearing this classic diamond arrangement for centuries. In recent years the three stone ring has been associated with the symbolism of past, present and future, as well as the meaning behind that of a trilogy or trinity.

Whatever symbolic meaning is associated with this popular style, one thing seems to be agreed upon by all— they are beautiful.

Traditional design dictates that the center diamond should be slightly larger than that of its side stones. The graduated stones in most three stone engagement rings feature a center diamond that is approximately twice the carat weight of its accompanying diamonds on either side; however our jewelry designers have stylized attractive rings around every combination imaginable.

At Jewelry Designs our artisan create all of our bridal jewelry, here in our gallery in Danbury, CT. We invite you to browse our collection for ideas. If you do not find a ring that is perfect for you, our jewelers will customize the 3 stone engagement ring of your dreams.