Common Custom Jewelry Projects

Custom Product Jewelry

Jewelry Designs is frequently commissioned to create 3D images of products and trade tools using gemstone and precious metal commemorative pieces. These tributes can range from items that are distributed by an organization or company, to the trade tools associated with their industry.

In the project initiated by author Michael Stadther, Jewelry Designs’ was appointed to create a one million dollar collection of jewels depicting ten of the forest creatures in his book A Treasure’s Trove. The book went on to be a best seller, and hundreds of thousands of people searched in a quest to locate the 18kt tokens and the collection of jewels created by the Jewelry Designs’ artisans.

Other endeavors, like the Seahorse Project, were taken on to benefit major non-profit organizations. In the story of R.N. Paul Brunch, it took 10 years to gather, sterilize, and melt over 250 grams of platinum intracranial grids once used to locate seizure activity in the brain of epilepsy patients, all in an effort to raise money for the American Epilepsy Society. The platinum grids were used in the creation of each seahorse, as this unique animal is a representation of the hippocampus part of the brain associated with the formation of epileptic activity. In an effort to raise money for future epilepsy research and honor those who were lost to the disorder, Jewelry Designs was happy to donate time to the cause.

Custom Logo Jewelry

Jewelry Designs is often asked to design jewelry in precious metal containing corporate logos or other trademarks. These items range from rings, signet rings, cufflinks, tie pins, necklaces and earrings, to 18kt diamond encrusted business card holders and more. Our designers can help you create organizational or corporate jewelry using most logos, with the authorization of the owner of the trademark.

Take a closer look at our Corporate Jewelry Projects above, to see how logo jewelry can be created and elaborated upon.

Custom Message Jewelry

Some of the jewelry projects we have encountered have been created with a team phrase or slogan to promote or acknowledge achievement in a company or for an organizational cause.

Custom Jewelry Gifts

Corporate jewelry and precious metal commemorative gift items are the perfect way to reward achievement, recognize years of service to people who have gone beyond the cause, or simply say thank you. At Jewelry Designs, we can help you to develop that once in a lifetime gift to show your appreciation.