Handmade Zultanite Ring


If you are a collector of rare gemstone jewelry you will love our handmade Zultanite ring. Zultanite is a new color changing gemstone that is only found in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains at a remote location 4,000 feet above sea level. As if the rarity of this gemstone was not enough to inspire you, the ring is created by the master jewelers in our American shop using tools guided by hand. The combination of this new age gemstone and old world craftsmanship make this a rare treasure.

This handmade Zultanite ring is created from 18kt white gold with platinum prongs. The center gem grade, color change Zultanite weighs 5.5 carats and is accompanied by .70 carats of fine white diamonds. To find out more about this ring, or to have a handmade ring created by our artisans with the gemstone of your choice, contact our jewelry consultants.

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