Natural Untreated Sapphire Ring


If you are a fan of rare jewelry, you will appreciate this natural untreated sapphire ring. As if the 3.58 carat natural untreated sapphire was not rare enough, our artisans created a handmade platinum ring to display it in. Our master jewelers wrought raw platinum into strips, wires, and plates using tools guided by hand. They then handcrafted 47 separate platinum components and then welded them together at more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Once created, the handmade gemstone ring was fitted with its rare center sapphire, and accompanied with .59cts of fine white diamonds.

This magnificent ring is a masterful example of handmade sapphire jewelry. Exotic gemstone jewelry like this can be created by our artisans using the gemstone of your choice. To find out more about our natural untreated sapphire ring, or to have your own custom ring created, visit our shop in Connecticut where it is made.

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