Handmade Sapphire Halo Necklace

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The classic lines of our Handmade Sapphire Halo Necklace are timeless. Our master jewelers created this elite necklace using tools guided by hand. This traditional necklace was crafted in the spirit of old world jewelers who made similar gemstone necklaces for royalty throughout the ages. Forming 18kt white gold and platinum into strips, wires, and plates, our artisans then soldered and welded them to form this intricate basket style setting.

Our handmade necklace is created in 18kt white gold with platinum prongs. The featured sapphire weighs 4.32 carats and is accompanied by 2.02 carats of fine white diamonds. To find out more about our handmade sapphire halo necklace or our other handmade jewelry, contact our jewelry consultants or visit our Connecticut jewelry shop where they are made.

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