Amethyst Rings

A favorite gemstone for so many, an Amethyst ring can make a bold fashion statement. As the birthstone for February, Amethyst rings can provide a splash of purple to any wardrobe. This brilliant gemstone can range in color from pinkish violet to deep purple. If you are a fan of this glistening gem, you will be happy to learn that it is more attractively priced than many other precious gems. Amethyst is relatively abundant in nature and larger size stones are attainable. As a result, the Amethyst is often the featured attraction in large gemstone rings.

Amethyst Rings by Jewelry Designs

We think that you will be impressed with the Amethyst Rings at Jewelry Designs. Of course we may be partial since we create them here in our gallery. Along with the traditional styles that you would expect to see in traditional jewelry stores, our collection includes original and one of a kind rings. If you do not find a ring that you love, our designers will customize one just for you. Whatever you’re fancy, our staff will help you to find the Amethyst ring of your dreams