Aquamarine Rings

The subtle blue green coloring of Aquamarine rings make them a favorite of many. Aquamarine has a warm inner glow that beacons the eye of all who love sea tones. Although it is the birthstone for March, Aqua rings are worn and adored by many. When paired with glistening white diamonds, Aquamarines are transformed to the status of scintillating luxury gems.

Aquamarine is a Member of the Beryl family and derives it color from trace amounts of Iron. Aquamarine rings range in spectrum from clear light blue in lower priced gems, through the deep blue tones of esteemed Santa Maria aquamarines.

Aquamarine Rings by Jewelry Designs

All of the Aquamarine Rings at Jewelry Designs are individually crafted by the master jewelers in our gallery, in Danbury, CT. From the selection of gemstones and diamonds, to the final polish, we have total control over the quality of your ring. Our artisans have been creating Aquamarine jewelry in our shop since 1980. If you do not find the perfect ring in our showroom, our designers will help you to select the Aquamarine of your dreams, and customize the perfect ring, just for you.