Gold Rings

Throughout the ages we have been captivated by the allure of gold rings. Worn in ceremony and celebration, the gold ring remains a symbol of modern civilization. Up until a century ago, the precious metal was only available in its native yellow color. Modern metallurgy has made possible a palate of popular color, including white, yellow, green, and rose gold.

For many people, white gold rings are coveted for their neutral silvery sheen. Others will prefer the warmth of rose gold rings, with pink glowing overtones. Also very popular and in demand are tri color and two tone gold rings, crafted from interesting combinations of rose, yellow, and white gold.

At Jewelry Designs you will find a prodigious selection of both traditional and original gold ring styles. In our elegant showroom, the exceptional variety of high quality men’s and women’s gold rings is evident. All of our 14K gold rings and 18K gold rings are made in America by the artisans in our gallery in Danbury, CT. If you do not find the ring of your dreams, our jewelers will custom make one for you using the color of your choice.