Irish Rings

Sought after by people of every ethnicity, Irish Rings have been adopted as a favorite to many regardless of their origin. Perhaps it is the spirit of the Irish, or the symbolic meaning of these rings that intrigues so many. It may be the beauty of Celtic woven design that captivates their interest.

For many, Irish rings are thought of as Claddagh Rings, symbolizing loyalty, love, and friendship. Crafted from rose, yellow, or white gold, a loving heart is clasped in hands of friendship. At the top of the heart sits a crown to signify loyalty. While most traditional Irish Claddagh Rings have a gold heart, many feature a heart shape gemstone.

Celtic Rings

Although not exclusive to Irish heritage, Celtic Rings feature interwoven patterns that have risen to popularity around the world. Rooted to early Byzantine architecture, Celtic weaves and trinity knot designs have been part of Irish culture for over 13 centuries. Adored by many, the Celtic weave lends itself to the length of a continuous band that spans the finger.

Celtic and Claddagh Rings by Jewelry Designs

So what makes Celtic and Claddagh Rings by Jewelry Designs so impressive? For one thing, we make them. The intricate detailed woven design of Celtic jewelry is a perfect match for the skills of our master jewelers. Our artisans create each of our rings one at a time in our Connecticut shop. You can even create a design of your own.