Men's Rings

Throughout the ages men’s rings have symbolized momentous occasions ranging from marriage, to ones wright of passage. Rings for men have been awarded for sporting events, academia, and achievement. From men’s religious rings, to Celtic rings and ethnic rings, they announce ones heritage, faith, and social status. Worn in pride, men’s initial rings, family crest rings, and signet rings are used to display letters, monograms, and the family coat of arms.

Along with symbolic appeal, men’s fashion rings are also worn as a masculine accent to the day’s attire. Unlimited designs and styles are available to be worn in the work place, or as casual wear. In contrast, tailored men’s diamond rings can provide a dramatic accent to any black tie affair.

Selecting a Man’s Ring

Since most males will wear fewer rings than their female counterparts, selecting a man’s ring requires a bit of planning. A ring worn by a man is more than a wardrobe accent. It will often reflect his personality and character. At Jewelry Designs we realize the importance of making your ring a personal expression. In fact, most of the rings that we create for men are customized. Our master jewelers craft custom men’s rings in gold, platinum, and diamonds. Made in America, even the most traditional design can be modified to meet your personal lifestyle.