Celtic Wedding Rings

It is no wonder why Celtic wedding rings have risen in popularity with their beautiful designs and symbolic meaning. Once the pride of the Gaelic culture, now Celtic bands are now adored by the world.

The seemingly endless arrangements of Celtic weaves and knots lend themselves perfectly to bridal rings. The woven patterns can be bordered by gold to create handsome Celtic men’s rings that appeal to even the most conservative male.

The very same braid, without edging, is delicate and feminine, and it is often more appealing to the discerning eye of women. So whether you are attracted to Celtic bands because of family heritage, or you are drawn to the mesmerizing patterns, you should visit Jewelry Designs collection. All of our Celtic rings are created one ring at a time by our master jewelers to meet our strict quality standards. Our artisans will even create custom Celtic bands using the weave of your choice.

To see our complete selection, we invite you to visit our jewelry store in Danbury, Connecticut where it is all made.