Fitted Wedding Rings

By Robert Underhill

When starting the search engagement rings, the need for a fitted wedding rings is often overlooked. The couple selects the diamond and a setting design they love without considering how it will fit alongside a wedding ring.

Many of the latest engagement ring designs offer more contoured edges than ever before. Many of these beautiful rings are created without regard to a matching band. Enamored by their new ring, future brides find the search for a matching wedding ring increasingly frustrating. When the engagement ring is purchased it is very easy to make the assumption that jeweler who sold it will have a selection of matching bands to share. It is not always as simple as that. As many people find out there may be a limited number of styles available that fit alongside her ring. Once this is realized a frantic search for a fitted wedding ring can become an unwelcome interruption during wedding preparations.

At Jewelry Designs we have been creating custom wedding rings to match our customer’s settings since we were founded in 1980. Thousands of satisfied woman are wearing Jewelry Designs fitted wedding rings. Since making jewelry is our specialty, our designers and master jewelers have created and designed fitted wedding rings in every precious metal and stone combination imaginable.

If you have one of those hard to fit engagement rings we can help. It s very likely that our designers have created a ring to fit alongside of a ring that is similar to yours. On the rare occasion when we have not, we will discover creative alternatives to provide a solution. Our jewelers have encountered countless situations where a customer’s ring was tapered, curved, inverted, or had contoured edges. After consulting with our designers and sharing your preferences with them, you will become aware of our capabilities and talents. We will then create a fitted wedding ring to accompany your engagement ring.

How do you get started? Simply call or visit our location to have a consultation with a designer. Our designers will look at your ring and show examples of solutions that we have created for other clients. You can view rings and previous CAD models that we have created to fit alongside designs that are similar to yours. Once this is done and you have developed confidence in our abilities we will customize a fitted wedding ring on approval just for you!