Infinity Wedding Rings

The simplicity and symbolism portrayed by infinity wedding rings makes them an easy-to-wear favorite amongst brides everywhere. The gentle crisscross pattern sits well alongside other ring styles.

This classic pattern lends itself to narrow bands, with a tighter weave, as well as wider more dramatic overlapping designs that span the finger. The styling of these rings range from simple gold crossover bands, to more intricately detailed diamond infinity rings articulated with diamonds. This timeless design can even be etched into men’s infinity rings upon request.

Whatever you desire, we hope that the creations of our artisans align with what you dream of wearing for the rest of your life together. At Jewelry Designs our master jewelers create each of our infinity bands, one ring at a time, right here in our own shop.

As you view our rings online, keep in mind that any item can be crafted using the precious metal of your choice. Our staff is always happy to help you with custom details to ensure that your design fits properly with your engagement ring. If you are in the Connecticut/New York area, visit our jewelry store where each piece is made, and you will see our quality and workmanship first hand.