Custom Bracelets

By Robert Underhill

Custom BraceletsFor most of our clients, the thought of creating custom bracelets is overwhelming. It is not until the search for a special bracelet leaves them disappointed that they become motivated to seek alternatives. Once interested in taking part in the creative process, they become comfortable sharing their ideas about style and design with our artisans. Using these ideas, our designers help them to realize personal preferences through comparison of existing bracelet styles. By combining or altering the shape and designs of existing items, our artisans can create a new design that reflects the client’s personal style.

With fine jewelry being as valuable as it is, it is important that you get the most from your purchase. You should not have to make compromises when purchasing fine jewelry and some times that means that you may have to customize your bracelet to get the one you truly like. The process of designing custom bracelets is not as complicated as it may seem. It is a simple matter of elimination. If you can separate the styles, shapes, and designs you like from those you dislike, you have the ability to design your own bracelet.

Working with our jewelry consultants, you will be able to view enough variety of shapes, patterns and bracelet styles to enable you to confidently determine the characteristics you prefer. Our team of master jewelers have been designing and creating custom bracelets since we opened our doors on 1980. So our design team is more than qualified to help you discover ways to create a bracelet that incorporates the elements you most desire and that reflect your own style.

So if are having a hard time finding diamond bracelets you love, or the bangle bracelets you are trying on do not seem to fit, talk to our design team and let them create the custom bracelet of your dreams. From simple gold bracelets to outrageous gemstone bracelets our talented artisans are up to the task.

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