Diamond Grading

By Robert Underhill

Diamond Grading

We have all heard reference to the 4c’s of diamond grading, which refer to diamond cut, diamond color, diamond clarity, and the carat weight of a diamond. If you are like most consumers, diamond grading will become your primary focus as you try to find common ground to compare values and determine the attributes that are most important to you. As you move forward with the diamond buying process you will find that diamond grading and valuation involve concerns that cannot be easily explained on a diamond chart.

There is a great deal to learn about diamond grading and many of them go beyond the 4C’s. Consumers can use what they learn from their research to make comparisons among stones. They should speak with experts and purchase their diamond from a reputable jeweler who can provide guidance in the selection of the stone. Your jeweler can also provide cleaning, trade up, and maintenance service on diamond jewelry and engagement rings after your purchase.

The perfect diamond is the one that meets your needs. Before you set your sights on a flawless stone, you need to consider your budget and the grades that align with your personal taste. The only hard and fast rule you should adhere to is this: Choose characteristics visible to your naked eye before selecting characteristics that are not. A flawless diamond is not attractive if it is yellow or brown. A colorless “D” diamond does not make sense if its flaws are easily visible while being worn. Likewise, if a high color and clarity stone is poorly cut it will not be appealing to the eye.

Once you understand the basics of diamond grading you will have the ability to make a good decision. It will be worth your while to look at stones with a consultant. There is no substitute for a hands-on diamond grading experience. When you visit Jewelry Designs you can view a large selection of loose diamonds with our specialists in our diamond grading rooms. Examine clarity, color, and cut while comparing diamonds. Decide for yourself what grade suits your desires. The best qualities for one individual are not necessarily going to meet the criteria of another.