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Custom Jewelry

Most people are under the impression that it is difficult to design custom jewelry. With our busy schedules the thought of designing anything can seem daunting. Visions of having to sketch and plan the creation of a piece of jewelry can challenge our talents.

The truth is that designing custom jewelry can be lot easier than it sounds. It is not necessary to have special talents or spend precious time obsessing over jewelry and gems. What you need is the ability to separate the elements of design you like from those which are less appealing. Most of our clients never entertained the idea of creating custom jewelry until they became frustrated with the limitations of product designs available in a normal jewelry buying experience.

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It is not always easy to find luxury merchandise that meets all of our desires. We sometimes wish something about our selection was a little different. While that may be acceptable with everyday purchases, fine jewelry is too valuable to accept anything other than your exact preferences. At Jewelry Designs our artisans make it possible for you to obtain jewelry exhibiting only the features you love, making it fun and rewarding to create a custom piece of jewelry. Our designers will organize the characteristics, colors, shapes, traits, and stones that appeal to you. Of equal importance, they recognize the elements you dislike and find ways to eliminate or alter those characteristics.

In the comfort of our showroom, a low pressure non-commissioned environment, you will have the opportunity to browse a wide variety of creations. As you discover the many possibilities you will gain confidence in the custom jewelry process. It will not take long for our designers to get a feel for your needs and find ways to customize jewelry to accommodate your budget and unique taste. Whether you prefer casual, formal, conservative or avant-garde styles, our designers will discover ways to create custom jewelry that captures the mood and character you wish to portray.

A purchase of fine jewelry should reflect your personality and make the impression you wish to project. With the value of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones continually rising, the need for custom jewelry is more important than ever.

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Design Custom Jewelry

Unless you are an artist, architect, or engineer you are not likely to arrive in our showroom with a portfolio of drawings and sketches from which to design custom jewelry. Even when people have these talents and capabilities, we still need to work out details and feasibility issues regarding the jewelry design.

For most people, the inspiration to design custom jewelry comes from the lack of options or dissatisfaction with the quality of items available online or in stores. The need to design custom wedding rings can arise when a bride discovers that none of the rings in showrooms fit well alongside her engagement setting. The person for whom we create custom earrings may find that every pair of earrings she likes is too short to be worn with her current hair style. Sometimes, none of the traditional length bracelets in stores will fit a woman’s tiny wrist and custom bracelets become her only choice. We have created custom rings to accommodate gemstones that clients have dreamed of owning since childhood. We have created custom jewelry to replicate sentimental family heirlooms that were worn by a mother, a favorite aunt, or an adored grandmother. Over the years we have also had the privilege of helping to design custom jewelry for many corporate and non-profit organizations. The American Epilepsy Society recently came to us with a project that was personal to their organization. Together we created a personalized jewelry line in an effort to help raise money and awareness towards Epilepsy Research and Education as one example of many.

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How to Design Custom Jewelry

The easiest way to design jewelry is to find out more about the things you like. The first step in designing custom jewelry is to develop confidence in your own sense of style, and the simplest way to do that is to view a wide variety of items in the genre you seek. If for example you were looking for custom necklaces, begin by viewing a diverse assortment of necklace styles with a qualified designer who can help you define likes and dislikes.

Our skilled jewelry consultants can explain gemstones, how they are set, and elements of design. Using a simple process of elimination, they will organize the thoughts and ideas so that you can form solid opinions about the styling and design that best suit your taste. Soon the traits to which you gravitate towards will become evident. At this point you will be well on the way to designing your own jewelry.

We are so confident in the custom jewelry design process that we create all of our customized jewelry on approval. There is no obligation to purchase any design that we create until you are completely satisfied. Our artisans have created fine custom jewelry in platinum, gold, diamonds and precious gems for thousands of satisfied customers since we founded our shop in 1980.

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