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Necklaces and Pendants

At Jewelry Designs we know that necklaces and pendants can set the tone for any occasion. After all, first impressions are made face to face, and what better way to showcase your face and expression than to frame it with the appropriate necklace. Carefully chosen necklace and pendant styles can enhance attire, capture a mood, or even set the stage for your persona.

Coveted throughout history for their ornamental beauty, necklaces and pendants have been worn to portray loyalty, faith, status, and even given as currency. It is no wonder that thousands of years later they are still worn by so many, and remain a staple in most jewelry wardrobes.

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In our ever-changing and busy lifestyles, we move from conservative work environments to casual home attire and then head out to an evening on the town. With all of life’s excitement, selecting the right necklace to balance your wardrobe and suit each function can be a challenging task. At Jewelry Designs our consultants can help you to do just that. When you visit our gallery, our staff will assist you in our selection of versatile pendants and necklaces that can be easily worn with other jewelry in your wardrobe. Our comprehensive selection of designer pendants combined with our team’s ability to create custom necklaces guarantees that you will find a necklace to suit any occasion.

Necklaces for Women

Whether you prefer casual, formal, or dramatic necklaces, our artisans have created them in every genre imaginable. From a simple everyday gold necklace, to the elegant gemstone necklace that turns every head at any black tie event, you are sure to find them in our gallery.

Since we opened our original store in1980, we have had the pleasure of making necklace jewelry for every phase of a woman’s life; from a young girl’s first diamond necklace to the pearl necklace that is worn on her wedding day. We have crafted the heart necklace that is given by her husband after the birth of their first child, and the mother’s necklace that is given by the very same child 25 years later. We have designed gold lockets with pictures of grandchildren and women’s necklaces for nearly every occasion.

We know that necklaces for women are more than just decorative accessories. These items often represent a life experience. In many cases they are given as a sentimental gift that will be treasured for generations to come.

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Diamond Necklaces

For many, the necklace is the perfect palate to display a name or a written message. One of the most popular themes for jewelry worn around the neck today is a signature, initial, or gold name plate. Typically customized for the individual, personalized necklaces are made with names, letters, numbers, or short phrases. These pendants are sought after in yellow gold, white gold, and are often articulated with diamonds.

The pendant is also an expression of faith for countless people. Whether these symbols are worn below the neckline or along shorter chains in open view, a Gold Cross Necklace, Star of David Necklace, or any other religious medals are commonly found among the faithful.

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There is also the men’s necklace. Men have worn every style, names, initials, medals, and religious symbols throughout the ages. Men’s necklaces can be as simple as a leather cord with a pendant, to an elaborate gold men’s link chain. If you are serious about your interest in a man’s necklace, you might want to visit our master jewelers who will customize one just for you.

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Gold Chains

Sometimes we take for granted that most fine jewelry worn around the neck is supported by gold chains of equal visibility. The style and quality of a chain will contribute greatly to the impression that a pendant leaves with us. At Jewelry Designs we carry a diverse selection of fine yellow and white gold chains, along with rose gold, silver, and platinum chain designs.

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Although some of our heavier link chains are made in house, most of our chain styles are purchased from outside sources. Since we create the majority of our jewelry on site, you can be sure that we are particular about the quality of the chains that we accept for our creations. Our buyers only select gold chains with durable clasps and exceptional workmanship that meet our strict quality standards.

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