Star of David Necklace

Those wearing a Star of David Necklace proudly display their Jewish heritage for all to see. For many, this historic symbol represents modern Jewish Culture. Originating from the Shield of David, this star is formed with two isosceles triangles joined to form a hexagram at its center. As the focal theme of the Israeli flag, the Star of David will always remain a sign of Judaism.

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Worn by both men and women, Star of David necklaces can be found in a wide variety of precious metals. At Jewelry Designs in Danbury, Connecticut, our artisans create Star of David Necklaces in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum. They can be crafted in a wide range of sizes, and articulated with diamonds or gemstones. We also create versions of this important symbol with a Khai or a heart as a focal point in its center.

Star of David Necklace

Whatever your preference, the jewelers at Jewelry Designs will be happy to accommodate you. If you don’t see the style you are looking for, our Jewelers are happy to customize a star to your personal taste. Please feel free to visit our gallery in Danbury, CT, where each piece is made just 1 mile from the New York state line.

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