Bracelet Repair

By Robert Underhill

Most bracelet repair issues are the result the constant movement of arms. With all of the flailing about and clinking on hard surfaces, it is surprising that some can be repaired at all.

Multiple bracelets, stacked together with gemstones and diamonds abrading against one another as they jingle about, contributes to the constant erosion of precious metals. Loose fitting and always in motion, jewelry worn on the arms will always be in need of repair.

When we think of bracelet repair, we need to consider two groups of jewelry. The first being link styles, having a multitude of interlocking movable sections such as the pivots or hinges or jewelry clasps. There is no question that chain and link bracelet repairs are inevitable if an item is worn frequently for an extended period of time.

Gold and platinum are soft metals. With every swing of the arm, metal rubs against itself and a microscopic amount of precious metal is worn away. Over time, the thinning will compromise the durability of your prized possession. When this happens, our jewelers will rebuild the affected areas by adding the appropriate metal to the joints by torch or laser jewelry repairs.

In the early stages of wear, bracelet repair is fairly simple. Continued, heavy wear, however, may lead to so many worn links that it becomes difficult for you to keep up with the maintenance.

The second group of common bracelet repairs relate to cuffs and bangles. With fewer movable parts to erode against one another, repairs on solid bracelets often involve rebuilding hinges and clasps. Many of the bangles are hollow, so our jewelers frequently have restore dented areas or recreate filigree and detailed designs.

With hundreds of years combined experience in our shop, there are very few situations we have not encountered. You can be confident that our jewelers will provide the best solution for your precious piece of jewelry. At Jewelry Designs all bracelet repair is done on site, at our location in Danbury Ct as it has been since our store was founded in 1980.