Jewelry Clasps

By Robert Underhill

Jewelry ClaspsGold and other precious metals are soft, and as a result, the movable parts in jewelry clasps make them exceptionally prone to failure. The constant pivoting and movement, caused when latches and hinges wear against one another, lead to a gradual erosion that sooner or later lead to the need for repair or replacement.

The most important thing to know about jewelry clasps is that you should have them periodically checked by a jeweler. Most chain repairs and bracelet repairs involve broken clasps or latches. When you feel that a latch is not snapping or clipping with authority, it is time to suspect a bit of work may be needed before precious jewelry comes unfastened and is lost.

If you bring valuable items to the Jewelry Designs service center in Danbury, we will inspect all jewelry clasps for any excessive wear or damage. In many cases, clasps simply need to be tightened. If so, they will be snugged up while you wait. During this process, we will also clean and polish your jewelry and inspect for any loose stones at no charge.

In some cases, the clasps are worn dangerously thin and you will need to leave the item with us so that our jewelers can add metal to the eroded areas. Our skilled jewelers will use torches and lasers to mound additional gold or platinum to strengthen the closure and ensure continued wear.

At some point in time, if items are worn long enough, jewelry clasps will have to be replaced. At that time, our consultants will advise you about the types of clasps that are available and help you to make a decision.

There are thousands of clasp designs being used in jewelry. Pearl clasps can range in style from a simple fishhook clasp to elaborate diamond clasps. Bracelet and chain clasps come in every shape and size imaginable, many of which were designed specifically for an item that may no longer be in production. When this is the case, our creative artisans will stylize a solution that will enable you to wear your jewelry with confidence.

From gold clasps, platinum or diamond clasps, to the closure on a brooch, our staff will work with you to source or design the jewelry latch you need.