Rhodium Plating


Rhodium PlatingUntil the resurgence of white gold as the metal of choice, most consumers had little knowledge of rhodium plating or its use in fine jewelry. With the increased popularity of white gold, consumers are realizing that the pure chrome white color that appears on a new item in the jewelers showcase shifts over time. It is a bit difficult to relate to until you realize that white gold is derived from pure yellow gold. White gold is created by alloying pure, yellow 24kt gold with other white metals.

It is rhodium plating that lends the shimmering silver tone to metal. When created, white gold jewelry has a faint tint of yellow. To compensate for this, it is coated with rhodium plating. Since rhodium is a rare precious metal that is extremely hard and corrosion resistant, it holds a brilliant polish and provides a durable finish on fine jewelry.

Despite its durability, rhodium plating will ultimately erode from surfaces that are exposed to constant wear. Most notably, at the base of rings that are scuffed on hard surfaces during daily wear. When this happens, the areas that have been repeatedly scuffed reveal the slight yellow tint. At first these traces of color are not detectable; however, as time goes by the tint becomes evident.

If you have white gold jewelry that is losing its luster and shifting in tone, you may want to consider bringing it to our location for a professional jewelry cleaning. While you are there we will inspect, clean, and polish your jewelry. If your white gold needs to be freshened up we will apply rhodium plating while you wait. During inspection our jewelers will notify you of any excessive wear that is occurring and recommend the necessary jewelry repair.

The very staff who are responsible for fine jewelry making in our shop will use their same skills and equipment to refinish your precious heirloom jewelry. While we are re-applying rhodium plating and cleaning your jewelry, you can browse our showroom and enjoy a cup of coffee.