Custom Engagement Ring

By Robert Underhill

Custom Engagement RingWhen people think about designing a custom engagement ring, they tend to imagine the process as being more difficult than it actually is. You do not have to be an artist or a jewelry enthusiast to design your ring. You simply need to have a desire for your ring be different from that of mainstream jewelry. While it is true that many custom engagement ring designs have been translated from concept to an original ring by our artisans, many styles are formulated from elements of ring designs already in existence in our collection.

The desire for a custom design is often revealed while shopping for the perfect ring. Most people who own custom engagement rings never thought they would design their own ring. Typically they fall in love with the flair of existing styles, but find they are disenchanted with some of the traits or attributes in that ring. In many cases a simple customization of the metal color, the height of the stone, or the thickness of the setting can make all the difference in the world. In other situations, we may combine characteristics from multiple rings to create an entirely new design that they will adore.

Creating a custom engagement ring can be very rewarding. Without question, the ring that is intended to be worn for a lifetime and passed on for generations is worth your time and energy.

Design Custom Engagement Rings

Because of our long standing track record, our customers have great confidence our jewelry making skills. We design custom engagement rings, on approval, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our Jewelry Designs clients have no obligation to purchase their custom engagement ring design unless they are completely satisfied.

How do you design your own ring? The process is actually quite simple. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers design custom engagement rings, and select quality diamonds since we founded our business in 1980. Our skilled design team can interpret personal style and help you to visualize design possibilities. Through this process you will quickly establish strong opinions about styling. While viewing a wide variety of styles, our consultants can quickly identify the methods of stone setting, elements of design, patterns and features that are appealing to you. Making many comparisons enables the consultant to highlight the elements that you desire most, and eliminates those that are not. Using this process of elimination, you and the design team can create your own engagement ring with confidence.

Start Designing Your Engagement Ring