Custom Engagement Ring

By Robert Underhill

Custom Engagement Ring

Designing a Custom Engagement Ring can be fun and easy. It is not necessary to be an artist or a jewelry enthusiast to design your own ring. If you want your ring to be original or desire unique elements of style, we can help. All that is needed is desire and a little passion.

There are two approaches to customizing an engagement ring. The first is to visit our jewelry store. There you will see artisans creating diamond rings, and a large selection of unique engagement rings to inspire you. Our designers will help you discover the elements of style that you most desire. They will also show you a large collection of loose diamonds to use in your creation. 

The second method is to design your engagement ring online. You can do this several ways. It is possible to have a virtual consultation with our staff. Our jewelers will work with you to develop your engagement design and discover diamond options. If you prefer, use the Chat button on the bottom of this page to get an immediate response to any questions you may have. You can contact a designer directly by phone, chat, or work through email.

You can also use our ring builder to modify some of our existing engagement ring designs from the comfort of home.

Design Your Engagement Ring

Designing Your Engagement Ring can be simple. Because of our longstanding track record, our customers have great confidence in our jewelry making skills. We design custom engagement rings, on approval, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. As a Jewelry Designs client, you have no obligation until you are completely satisfied.

How do you design your own ring? The process is easier than it may seem. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers design diamond rings since we founded our business in 1980. Our jewelry consultants can interpret personal style and help you to visualize design possibilities. Through this process you will quickly establish strong opinions about styling. While viewing a wide variety of styles, our consultants can quickly identify the methods of stone setting, elements of design, patterns and features that are appealing to you. Making many comparisons enables you to confidently discover the elements you desire most. Using this process of elimination, you and the design team can create the engagement ring of your dreams.

After you build your own engagement ring, you can select the diamond that is perfect for you from our large selection


Start Designing Your Engagement Ring