Laser Jewelry Repairs

By Robert Underhill

Laser Jewelry Repair

When Jewelry Designs opened its doors in 1980, laser jewelry repairs sounded a bit like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Throughout history jewelers have been repairing jewelry by soldering or welding gold and platinum with torches. For the most part this is still true, as torches remain the dominant tool used to melt or weld precious metals.

There are many situations where the use of a jeweler’s torch is prohibitive. As logic would dictate, it is not wise to wave a flame over sensitive, delicate gemstones or sensitive materials in fine jewelry. When a crack occurs in a platinum ring next to a gemstone the temperature needed to weld it would be 3224° F. In days gone by that would dictate that the gemstones adjacent to the area to be worked on would have to be removed to perform the task. Very often the removal and resetting of the stones caused more damage to the piece making the restoration extensive.

The good news is that Jewelry Designs has state of the art technology that enables our master jewelers to perform precision laser jewelry repairs on fragile or intricate items that might otherwise be damaged by a torch. This technology combined with the skills and knowledge of our master jewelers makes it possible for us to rebuild or secure precious metals in areas where heat sensitive gemstones are present. As a result bracelet repairs, ring repairs, and prong repairs that were once impractical are now done daily by our jewelers using lasers.

When you visit our location a jewelry repair consultant will help you to evaluate any jewelry restoration project that you have and we will repair the item to the highest standards possible. The combination of talented master jewelers and technology enables us to execute noninvasive repairs on your precious heirlooms on site, providing you with security and peace of mind.