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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are given as an expression of commitment. Now centuries old, this tradition of exchanging rings has become customary for nearly every married couple. Even dating back to Egyptian times, bands of papyrus where used in ceremonies for marriage. This custom of exchanging rings evolved from paper to gold wedding rings worn primarily by women. Still, over the past century and a half this tradition has broadened to include the groom as well. Ever since, these men’s wedding rings have become an item of day to day wear for most gentlemen.

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During the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods women’s bands transformed into more ornate designs, many of which included diamonds and detailed filigree patterns. The designs of these time periods are still sought after in a style known as vintage wedding rings, and this has become a popular look with today’s modern bride.

Today we can see bridal rings ranging from simple diamond wedding rings, to full eternity wedding rings encompassing the entire finger. It seems that there are endless possibilities for any diamond style or ornamental design.

Why choose Jewelry Designs?

Your rings are is intended to be worn for a lifetime. The quality, workmanship, and materials used to create them should hold true to that. At Jewelry Designs our artisans craft each band, individually, to meet standards set by old world jewelers. Since we founded our company in 1980, our master jewelers have crafted wedding rings for tens of thousands of satisfied customers in our state of the art jewelry facility.

When you visit our jewelry store in Danbury, Connecticut, our consultants will help you to make critical decisions about the type of ring you are looking to wear for the rest of your life. We will help you to understand the advantages of white gold vs. platinum, so that you can decide which precious metal is best suited for your lifestyle. We will share examples of yellow, white, and rose gold rings created by our shop. Even two-tone and tri-color rings are available on display for viewing, so you can see first-hand any metal color combination.

At Jewelry Designs you can view an assortment of diamond and precious gemstone bands. You can even select your own stones from our collection of loose gems to create a custom bridal ring. Our staff is well trained in gemology, so we can guide you through any concerns you may have about durability and care. Our designers can assist you in making decisions about style, fashion, and the latest trends.

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The wedding ring of your dreams

If you are not sure you have found the perfect ring after viewing our extensive collection, then you can always work with one of our experienced jewelers to design just what you are looking for. At Jewelry Designs we are always excited to create custom wedding rings, available in yellow, rose, white gold, and platinum.Wedding bands provide the perfect palette for our jewelry artisans to showcase your designs, and there is no better place to personalize yourself than in this symbol of commitment. From nature and floral wedding rings, to contemporary geometric designs, our artisans will help you to create a style that is uniquely your own.

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Genres such as Celtic wedding rings and infinity wedding rings give you just a taste of what our artisans can create for you. There is an assortment of other themes, each with an amazing number of styles for you to choose from in our CT showroom. Our jewelers will share existing models on display, in addition to any new design options that are available to you. Our designers create bands with themes and unique design elements in-house every day.

We also make religious and Christian wedding rings to express personal faith. Our jewelers can stylize bands using patterns and symbols that are unique and meaningful to each bride and groom to be. We will even embed personalized messages that have significant meaning to you in the design of the ring.

Since each ring is made one at a time, just for you, you can feel confident that your band will be given the care that it deserves.

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