The Jewelry Designs Story

In 1980 Jewelry Designs opened its doors in a small single level ranch situated in the middle of a field on Mill Plain rd. in Danbury, CT where it still operates today. Founded by jewelry designer Robert Underhill and his newlywed wife and graduate gemologist Karen, the young couple forged their dream from a $700 start up to become one of the country’s leading custom jewelers.

Living and working out of the same building, the young couple provided wholesale jewelry repair, estate jewelry restoration and custom orders for retail jewelers, estate jewelers, chain stores, in addition to their own private clientele. Over the next five years the couple and their team of master jewelers focused all of their efforts on jewelry making and providing custom jewelry for their own customers. Shortly thereafter they built a larger facility to showcase their works and jewelry manufacturing facility.

Since that time, Jewelry Designs has undergone many changes and expansions. While still adhering to the standards of old world craftsmen, our team of master jewelers creates elite handmade jewelry in a shop alongside new age jewelry artisans working on computers to create CAD jewelry design. Still active in the company today, the Underhill’s are surrounded by an elite team of designers, jewelers, and a highly trusted management team, many of whom have been with them for decades.

The works of the Jewelry Designs jewelers and artisans have been viewed by millions of people in museums, magazines, books, and on prime time television shows around the world. They have created fine custom jewelry for tens of thousands of satisfied customers and pride themselves on their customer service.