Emerald Earrings

The rich color of Emerald Earrings always captures the eye of women who dream of green. Gem quality emeralds range in from deep forest green to Caribbean Sea tones, and even light shades of mint. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so your preference in color will determine the place and origin of the gems you are drawn to, ultimately influencing the value of the emerald earrings you choose.

In addition to color, the internal characteristics or presence of flaws will affect the appearance and cost of your earrings. Inclusions are more prevalent in this luscious green gem than most other stone types, so much so that the markings are often referred to as a garden. Your tolerance for a few marks in your stone can dramatically affect your budget.

As you can see, selecting an emerald earring is a bit subjective, so it is important to work with a jeweler who can guide you through the pros and cons, in order to determine the traits that best suit your needs. At Jewelry Designs we have been creating emerald and diamond earrings using stones from our sources around the world since 1980. Our gemologists select these stones individually, and our master jewelers create the settings right here in our shop in America.

Call or visit our Connecticut jewelry store to view our collection, and find out how we can help you to attain the green of your dreams.