Hoop Earrings

Few jewelry items draw the attention that hoop earrings receive. With such a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, there is a hoop earring design suitable for every function.

A typical wardrobe can consist of a broad array of hoop styles. Small hoops, or “huggies”, can be worn every day without regard. In a snap, you can reach into your purse and switch over to dramatic large hoop earrings before enjoying a night out on the town.

With unlimited shapes and widths to choose from, you can accessorize any outfit and match the occasion. Mid-size wide hoop earrings can provide a conservative look at the office or in the boardroom, while oval hoops and square hoop earrings can add character to your attire. Even larger, dangling, thin hoops can provide an exciting sparkle to your face with your every movement.

Whatever your desire, you will find fresh ideas in the showroom at Jewelry Designs. Our ever-changing selection of earrings ranges from simple hoops, to outrageous and one of a kind. Upon visiting our showroom, you will see original hoop earrings created by our artisans from rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, laden with a full spectrum of diamonds and gemstone combinations.