Pearl Earrings

There is no doubt that pearl earrings are one of the most sought after jewelry items a woman can wear. What young woman, or aspiring bride, has not dreamt of owning pearls?

Worn by royalty, actresses, and average little girls alike, pearl earrings seem to appeal to women from every walk of life. Perhaps it is the simplicity behind these lustrous spheres that is so alluring, they seem to captivate everyone’s eye.

Traditional pearl studs are the earring with which most of us are familiar. These simple cultured pearls are available in small to medium sizes, ranging from 3 to 8.5mm. Most of these are Akoya pearl, or traditional Japanese cultured pearl earrings, limited in size by the type of oyster from which they are harvested. For those looking for larger earrings, you will need to consider south sea pearl, or Tahitian pearl earrings; the large oysters from Australia and Tahiti yield these exotic pearls in larger sizes. Such mollusks can produce gem grade pearls that can exceed 18mm in diameter and are coveted by jewelry connoisseurs everywhere.

In addition to traditional pearl and diamond earrings styles, our jewelers craft a wide variety of unusual designs you will not find in other jewelry stores. We invite you to visit Jewelry Designs, in Danbury, CT, where these creations are made.