Ruby Earrings

If you are looking for an earring that makes a statement, nothing stands out quit like ruby earrings. After all red is the color of love, and red alongside diamonds is the color of passion.

Once known only to royalty, rubies remain amongst the most precious of all gems. Few gemstones rival the true red color of fine gem quality rubies.

There are many ways to present a ruby. Perhaps the simplest is a basic pair of ruby stud earrings. Because of the value of this gemstone, they are often worn as ruby and diamond earrings with a cast of accent stones. The bold color lends itself well to contrasting bright white diamonds that accentuate the importance of the featured gem.

If you are looking to acquire a ruby earring set, it will be important to see first-hand the characteristics that determine its value. Since we create fine ruby earrings in our shop at Jewelry Designs, our staff of jewelers and gemologist will help you to decide what details are most important to you. Visit our showroom where we make our jewelry in Danbury, Connecticut, just over the New York line, to see our quality and workmanship in person.