Sapphire Earrings

If you love the rich cobalt blue color of sapphire earrings you are in for a treat. Jewelry Designs’ showroom has a great selection of high quality blue sapphires.

Our gemologists and stone buyers are in constant search of fine sapphire sets, from which they can create exciting new earring styles. Along with traditional blue sapphire earrings, we have everything from golden sapphire to pink sapphire earrings, and nearly every other color in the rainbow.

In our shop, master jewelers create every earring combination imaginable. From simple sapphire stud earrings to dramatic sapphire and diamond earrings, they are all available in our diverse showroom. If you are in the New York, Connecticut area you can see our quality and workmanship for yourself.

We invite you to visit our unique jewelry store in Danbury where we craft jewelry on-site. Browse our collection, or select a sapphire combination from our loose stone collection and we will custom design a pair of earrings just for you.