Vintage Engagement Rings

If you are excited about the intricate workmanship reminiscent of vintage engagement rings, you are not alone. There has never been more demand for the old world styling of antique engagement rings than there is today.

The vintage designs of a bygone era are now desired and worn by actresses, musicians, and royalty, with the same passion as they were in the roaring 20’s.

Glistening bead set diamonds and detailed millgrain edges that once adorned jewelry from the Victorian, Edwardian and the Art Deco period, can now be seen in our designer engagement collection.

Our jewelry designers are continually inspired by the works of master jewelers from the centuries of our past. Our jewelers emulate these works by creating new and original designs, borrowing techniques, and elements of style that are centuries old. All of our vintage engagement rings are created by the skilled artisans in our Danbury, Connecticut shop. Our artisan’s intricate workmanship and attention to detail will intrigue you, and perhaps lead you to find the ring of your dreams.