Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond

The Decision is Yours

Are you searching for a Lab Grown Diamond engagement ring? No Doubt you have read detailed pages about advantages and disadvantages of lab created diamonds vs real diamonds. The same beauty. The Same brilliance. One born in nature over millions of years the other born in a laboratory this year. The question of lab diamonds vs natural may in fact be price versus sentiment. No matter, the decision is yours.

The Ring Should Have No Compromise

At Jewelry Designs the key phrase is engagement rings. Since we make exceptional engagement rings, the ring should have no compromise. Our Engagement rings are made to the highest standard in gold and platinum by master jewelers in our shop in Danbury, Connecticut.

Visit our gallery today and compare lab grown diamonds with natural. After viewing price and appearance first hand, the choice is yours. Whatever your decision, you can be confident that the ring you have chosen will meet the highest standard. Your engagement ring should be Jewelry Designs.