Emerald and Diamond Ring

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It will be difficult for you to find a more exceptional emerald and diamond ring. The dramatic spray of fine white diamonds surrounding this glorious emerald would indicate that at a glance; but that would only be half of the story.

This platinum ring was handmade from raw platinum using only tools that where guided by hand. The metal was hammered and forged into wires and sheet, then pierced, filed, soldered and welded by master jewelers. Once the two-tier cluster is constructed on our European style shank, the stones are secured by master setters. Crafted to the standards of jewelry made for royalty, this rare, handmade emerald ring is a true exception in the modern jewelry world.

Our ring features a 2.93 carat fine oval emerald, accompanied by 1.18ct of marquise diamonds. Handmade gemstone rings like this can be created by our artisans on request, specifically for you around any of our exceptional gems.

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