Emerald and Diamond Rings


For those who are passionate about emerald and diamond rings, this may be the one you have been dreaming of. Created from platinum, using only tools that where guided by hand, the lost art of jewelry making is alive and well in our Connecticut shop, where handmade rings like this master piece are still created.

The jewelers created this piece by pooling molten platinum into bars and forging it into wires and sheets to create miniature prongs and settings. Once formed, these pieces are welded and soldered together at over 3,000 degrees to form the emerald diamond ring.

This 3.40 carat emerald is accompanied by shield, baguette, and round diamonds that ascend to the featured stone. Although rare in all but the finest jewelry stores, handmade gemstone rings such as this are the life’s work of the master jewelers in our shop.

To have an original gemstone ring made just for you, visit or contact our designers.

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