1 1/2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

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If you are fortunate enough to be in search of 1 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings, you will probably never have the urge to upgrade. With a three-quarter carat diamond on each ear you will attract the eye of everyone in the room. The best part is the simplicity of such simple diamond studs will be recognized as classic elegance.

Needless to say, the acquisition of diamond earrings of this size requires a bit of consideration. The value of your diamond earrings will vary dramatically depending on the quality you choose. Reasonable quality 1.5 carat diamond earrings can start at $3,500, with exceptional grades exceeding twice that.

With stones of this size you will also want to consider the style of the setting, in addition to the security and functionality of the ear clutch holding it in place. At Jewelry Designs our staff will show comparisons to help decide which attributes are most desirable to you. Please call one of our consultants, or visit our showroom in Connecticut to see our entire collection in person.

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