Zultanite Flower Necklace


If you are inspired by rare jewelry our Zultanite Flower Necklace is sure to intrigue you. A recent discovery in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains has yielded this rare new gemstone. Zultanite exhibits a rare color change phenomenon allowing it to shift from green to pink depending on the ambient light.

Our artisans further enhanced the rarity of this amazing Zultanite by crafting it into a one of a kind flower necklace from 18kt yellow and platinum. The graceful fluted design of our original necklace is pave set with 269 fine white diamonds. The glistening fields of diamonds are bordered by a delicate yellow gold edging that ascend the sculpted petals to secure the magnificent gem.

Created by our master jewelers in our American jewelry studio, this featured Zultanite weighs 9.52 carats and is accompanied by 1.33ct of accent diamonds. To find out more about this unique necklace, please contact our jewelry consultants, or visit our Connecticut jewelry store where it was made and see it in person.

* Chain sold separately

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