Ametrine Fish Necklace


If you are intrigued by exotic jewelry, you will be fascinated by this Ametrine Fish Necklace created by our team at Jewelry Designs. This one of a kind necklace was crafted by our artisans around a 49.4 carat fantasy cut Ametrine. As you look through the face of this gemstone necklace, there swims a fish with glistening bubbles rising above. The whimsical scene appears as if it were a window into the sea.

This large Ametrine pendant is an original one of a kind necklace. Exotic gemstone jewelry like this can be custom created by our jewelers in our Connecticut jewelry store from other gemstones in our collection. To order this item or ask our jewelers about your options call 1-800-332-1458, or use the customer inquiry form below.

One of a kind Ametrine Fish Necklace

* Chain sold separately

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