Civil War Rapier Sword Lapel Pin


If you are a collector of swords or are looking for a men’s jewelry gift, our Civil War Rapier Sword lapel pin might be just what you are looking for. Our designers replicated an authentic civil war sword using a special white gold alloy to craft the blade that is mounted from its detailed yellow gold hilt. This high quality gold sword is made in our American shop by our artisans as a part of our men’s jewelry collection.

This handsome sword is worn by inserting the tip diagonally through the lapel of a jacket, blazer, or tie. The slight tip of the sword returns through the fabric and displays prominently. To find out more about our Civil War Rapier Sword lapel pin contact us using the Customer Inquiry section found below, or call us to order it at 1-800-332-1458 during our regular business hours.


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