Diamond Rings

It is evident that diamond rings are a prestigious symbol for life’s milestones. Passed from one generation to the next, heirloom diamond rings seem to have eternal meaning. The ring that remains most significant is the one used in proposal for marriage. This ring will be passed from mother to daughter for generations to come. It is no wonder that diamond rings are a symbol of everlasting love and sought after by so many. Properly cared for, these precious jewels will be cherished for all time.

Diamond rings are also gifted by parents to a child for birthdays, religious celebrations, or graduations. Diamond promise rings are exchanged by young couples in relationships as symbols of devotion. Still, the most symbolic ring is the one given in proposal for marriage. This ring used for engagement will be accompanied by a band glistening with diamonds. Fifty years later, a diamond anniversary ring will mark the event.

Diamond Fashion Rings

For life’s other joyous moments, glistening diamond fashion rings grace the hands of women the world over. These range from a simple diamond pinky ring worn by a young girl, to shimmering diamond cocktail rings seen on the hands of prominent movie stars. Pave diamond rings with twinkling fields of shimmering gems can even attract a glance from across the room. The popular two stone diamond ring is known to symbolize the love between a partner or a best friend, while the 5 diamond ring is often worn in celebration of that special anniversary.

Not limited to white, colored diamond rings are coveted by jewelry aficionados everywhere. Yellow diamond rings, also known as canary diamond rings, are also prized by many. For a dramatic contrast to your traditional jewelry wardrobe, black diamond rings with contrasting white accents will turn heads. Fancy color diamond rings are available in virtually every color in the rainbow.

Diamond Rings by Jewelry Designs

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