Emerald Rings

Sought after for their enchanting green color, Emerald rings have adorned the hands of prominent people for centuries. Once only attainable by royalty, Emerald rings are now worn by jewelry lovers the world over. Ranging in color from yellow-green to blue green, Emeralds remain one of the most prestigious precious stones.

The value of an Emerald is determined by a number of characteristics. The most sought after stones range from bluish green, to deep green. Along with the color of the stone, its brilliance, size, and place of origin will affect its value. Perhaps the most important consideration about your Emerald ring will relate to clarity. Inclusions in Emerald rings are more prominent than most gems. So prevalent are these flaws that they are often referred to as a garden within the stone. It is for this reason that most emeralds used in jewelry today have been treated with oils or fillers.

Emerald Rings by Jewelry Designs

So why should you consider an Emerald Ring by Jewelry Designs? For one thing, our staff can help you to understand the subtle idiosyncrasies of selecting a stone that is suitable for your needs and budget. Along with gaining an understanding of this captivating gemstone, your Emerald ring will be crafted by the master jewelers in our shop. You can even design your own.