Pearl Rings

Among the dreamy treasures in every jewelry box, pearl rings are sought after by women of every age. From simple rings gifted to a young woman upon graduation, to the magnificent South Sea Pearl Ring surrounded by diamonds, this magical gem is coveted by all. These lustrous spheres have mystified women for centuries.

Traditionally seen in white or rose shades, pearls come in a rainbow of colors including black. Black Pearl Rings are very popular and provide a dramatic contrast to diamonds and white gold. Larger black pearls are found in large oysters near Tahiti. These Tahitian Pearl Rings are prized for their beauty and rarity.

Pearls are among the few organic gems used in fine jewelry. They range in size from the head of a pin to that of a large marble; the smaller of which are used in clusters, or children’s pearl rings, while the larger can be seen in magnificent South Sea Pearl Rings worn by women of prominence.

Pearl Rings by Jewelry Designs

Whatever your desire, Pearl Rings by Jewelry Designs will exceed your expectations. In our gallery you will see original styles that are not available in traditional stores. Whether you are searching for that simple pearl ring for your daughter, or the pearl and diamond ring of a lifetime, you will find them in our gallery. Each one created in our shop by our master jewelers. You can even have a design made specifically for you.